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Homework Help: Another Faradays Law of Magnetic Induction

  1. May 8, 2006 #1
    A piece of copper wire is formed into a single circular loop of radius 12 cm. A magnetic field is oriented parallel to the normal to the loop, and it increases from 0 to 0.55 T in a time of 0.45 s. The wire has a resistance per unit length of 3.3*10^-2 ohms/m. What is the average electrical energy dissipated in the resistance of the wire

    I know that P=V^2/R
    So i need to find the voltage in the wire.

    To find the voltage, can i just find the average induced emf or is this approach wrong??

    If i use the equation: average induced emf=BA/T i get the wrong answer simply calculating the area from the radius of the circle .12^2*pi.

    Please help! what am i doing wrong????
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