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Homework Help: Another Geometry/Trig

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    A surveyer is required to survey a nonrectangular plot of land but is unable to measure side UT directly. The following data are taken:
    RU= 130.0 m
    RS= 120.0 m
    Angle RST= 115 degrees
    Angle RUT = 100 degrees

    Calculate the length of side UT and area of the plot.

    Again I havent taken any geometry or trig in years and just need help starting the problems(I have a few to post)

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    hello UR5,
    I believe that for this problem, the equation that will help you is either the law of sines or law of cosines equations. This will help you to form oblique triangles and find out the length of the line going through the shape, which will help in finding out the other two sides.

    Law of cosines= C2=a2+b2-2ab(cosC)

    Law of sines= sinA/a=sinB/a=sinC/a (captial A= angle A, lower case a=side a)

    This should definetly get you headed in the correct direction. If you need to, draw a shape that resembles a rectangle, just so you can get an idea of where the opposite sides would be and all that.
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    Thanks that worked out well.
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