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News Another GWB ripoff of YOU

  1. Apr 15, 2004 #1
    Here are some of the most outrageous ways George Bush is using our tax money to campaign for another four years in the White House:

    The Bush-Cheney campaign has used government employees to conduct opposition research on John Kerry. Even a former Republican Treasury official admitted that they had "stepped over the line." [Wall Street Journal, 3/31/04]

    The White House directed the Health and Human Services Department to run thinly disguised campaign ads that mislead seniors about Bush's Medicare plan which funnels billions of dollars to giant pharmaceutical companies. [Washington Post, 10/20/02]

    The Bush campaign is charging taxpayers $15 million dollars for political forays into battleground states, turning Air Force One into the Bush campaign plane. Bush has even asked for a larger travel budget for 2004, funded by the taxpayers. [Washington Post, 10/20/02]

    The White House has billed the federal Office of Family Assistance $210,000 to help pay for five trips in which President Bush promoted welfare reform at official events and made separate fundraising appearances for GOP candidates. [Washington Post, 10/20/02]

    "[Bush's] Cabinet secretaries are covering additional ground to spread good news about the Bush administration." [Associated Press, 4/5/04]

    "'One hundred seventy million dollars would not be nearly enough for [Bush] to run for re-election if he had to reimburse the full cost of traveling on Air Force One,' Federal Election Commission spokesman Bob Biersack said." [CNN.com, 3/22/04]

    The House Resources Committee posted a diatribe against Kerry's "absurd" energy ideas on its taxpayer-funded Web site. [Associated Press, 4/6/04]
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    *waits for the inevitable "but Clinton..." posts, and wonders how many of them will be lies*
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    ... rented out the White House itself. :cool:

    Yeah, Bush is a politician. I'm shocked. :eek:
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    Thanks, Russ, repeating the first "lie about Clinton" for the thread...I was wondering how long it was going to take!

    BTW, I agree that it is politics as usual, I think it is wrong when anyone does it...I just don't see the need to bring up other politicians, because if it is wrong when one does it, it is wrong for all.
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    The point is that Bush has put politics over policy in an unprecedented way. It is the degree to which the Bush Administration has exploited policy agencies that is scary.
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    Hmm, well, I guess it makes sense to put "lie about Clinton" in quotes, since its not true itself. I'm sure you know about the Lincoln bedroom.
    I guess you're probably serious when you say this. It seems a lot of people on this board agree with it. Whatever Bush learned from Clinton, he hasn't executed nearly as well. Clinton was the master at whoring out his position, opinions, decisions, etc. No one else has ever come close.
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    ok, cool...mentors pushing to get threads locked? Good job Russ.
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