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Another Newbie

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    I have been browsing around these forums for a while, while I have been browsing I have also been reading (that may have been obvious to you but not to others, especially where I come from) all the interesting posts you guys write. So tonight I finally decided that I might have a go and join in with you all. You all seem quite helpful and friendly and I do like that.

    So anyway here is my inevitable newbie question, it is a question that I am sure many of you have personally struggled with yourselves. Knowing this I am sure you guys will try to help me as much as you can.

    Below is a list of topics that interest me; the topics in the list are not in order of preference:


    If I could only specialise in one subject at a university of my choice which subject should I specialise in and why? Better still. Is there a single subject that combines all of the above topics or more than one of the above topics into one?

    Note: your opinion may affect the rest of my life and yours :)

    Did that make any sense?
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    don't make my opinion affect the rest of your life but expand on it.
    Political science came to my mind for some reason
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    History is another, then as you learned more you could decide whether you wanted to specialize - in history of science, history of philosophy, etc. You should take some science and math courses (you will probably have to) and be sensitive to what grabs you.

    It's a sad fact that to make your living in an intellectual way you have to specialize, but you can always keep your other interests as a hobby.
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    Theoretical physics is what I'd do. It also kind of combines physics and philosophy.
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    there is no subject better or lesser for any reason.

    whatever you do, pick the one that you ENJOY! regarless of education and earning power, it ain't no fun to go to work and have it be a job.

    i have tried to reinforce with my own children, better to be a happy janitor than a sour, depressed zillionaire!!

    prior generations have not had this luxury. you do! if you do what you like/love, life will be the game you can PLAY forever.

    good luck!
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    welcome jack...i need to move this to general discussion as it doesn't pertain to philosophy that much...
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