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Another Newbie

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    Hi, new member here, 57 years old, got my BS Physics in 1999 at 39. so, pretty non-traditional. Have found that while I would like to continue to a MS, it seems all the schools near me are only interested in grad slaves, rather than furthering one's physics education. As a full time worker, they don't want me, as an older guy, they also don't want me, so I am pretty disgruntled with academia.

    That still does not damper my enthusiasm for physics, just kindles a fire of indignation...
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    Welcome to PF!
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    thanks. Any advice on any MS/PhD physics programs that a) would accept a 57 year old guy, b) would accept that I work full time so would be dong this part time, and c) are more interested in actually teaching than in me just being a grad slave for them? Or am I crazy to think such is even possible?
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    Please post this question in the Academic Guidance forum, not here in the New Member Intro forum. You should get good help there. :smile:
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