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News Another one bites the dust

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    Looks like Oregon may be losing one of their rights (the voter-approved Death With Dignity Act.) to Bush's personal religious views. Sweet. :uhh:


    He tries this again! - even when, in May of last year, a federal appeals court declared that the Bush administration had no right to interfere with Oregon's assisted suicide law.

    He just keeps chipping away at them... one by one they will go.
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    well......not sweet... bitter, bitter, bitter...

    What can be the good in having people suffer before they die, instead of letting them die before the suffering (in a state in which they agree to die)?

    edit: is that in The Land of the Free?
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    PLease....Ashcroft retire sooner, Ashcroft retire sooner, AShcroftretire sooner, or die of SIDS (Sudden Idiot Death Syndrome), or die of SIDS...or...SOMETHING!!!

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    franz, this is an outrage ! Are you actually hoping for the death of a high ranking US Cabinet Leader ?

    Traitor !!!
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