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Another one of those what are my chances? threads

  1. Nov 6, 2007 #1
    Another one of those "what are my chances?" threads

    So I finally got my physics GRE subject scores, and I wanted to throw my stats up and my list of schools and see what everyone thinks. I'm hoping to work in condensed matter and/or AMO, in theory and/or computational physics.

    Large US State School with undergrad only physics program. I'm a U.S. citizen.
    Double major in physics and mathematics
    Beyond typical physics coursework I have upper division electives in solid state, soft matter, optics, and astrophysics. In math I've taken courses in ODES, PDES, complex analysis, numerical analysis, linear algebra, and even a real analysis course that uses the legendary baby Rudin.

    Total GPA: 3.9
    Physics GPA: 3.9
    Math GPA: 3.8
    GRE Verbal: 590
    GRE Quant: 770
    GRE Subject 730, 64th percentile (ouch I thought I did better, but I was pretty sick that day)

    One year research experience in an AFM laboratory, where I was pretty green and did not accomplish much besides helping a new hired prof build up his lab.

    One plus years research experience in theory/computation: one project in involving computational modeling of two dimensional electron systems, which should lead to a paper in an undergrad research journal, and another involving computational modeling of the electrostatics of living cells. I'm still working on both of these projects.

    I should get one superior letter and two strong letters.

    Here's my list, in no particular order of preference

    U. of Oregon
    UC Berkeley
    UC Santa Barbara
    UC San Diego
    U. of Arizona

    At least that was my plan before I got my GRE score back. Now I'm not so sure. Also, my research adviser has some connections at Yale and Stanford. Geographically, I prefer western US but I have Yale and Cornell because they have a lot of research that I'm interested in. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, and thanks for reading yet another one of these annoying threads.
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