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Homework Help: Another one please ^^

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    Tanya was cycling at 5.6 m/s when she starts to accelerate at 0.60m/s2 for a time interval of 4.0 s.

    a) How far did she travel during this time interval? ☺☺

    b) What velocity did she attain? ☺☺

    Can anyone give me hint for this?...

    I have tried but all I can think of is velocity times acceleration for veloctiy (final) for b)

    and for a) I don't know how to make an equation.

    Thank you
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    show me all the equations. And show me your attempts at the problems from those equations. You know you have a few equations you can choose from to answer the question right? Try to read the problem carefully and choose the equation that can get you what they are asking for. Show you work on here so we can help you if you are still having a hard time with the problem.
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    op.. I got the answer
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