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Another one

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    I'm sure that if I can figure one of these out, then I will be able to understand how to compute all this buoyancy stuff.

    Anyways, here is is:

    What is the smallest area of a chunk of ice that is 1ft thick that will just support a 3000lb car.
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    Doc Al

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    I assume the car is floating on the ice in water? If so, then realize that the smallest piece would be totally submerged: the top of the ice sheet would be even with the water. Thus all of the ice is displacing water. So how much water must this ice displace to support the total weight of the car plus the ice? First find the answer in kg, then find the volume. Then you can find the area of ice that will have that volume. Got it?
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    I figured this one out using the help that you gave me from the last problem. Thanks a ton again :)
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