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Another paradox

  1. Jan 10, 2007 #1
    As your enemy could not kill you physically in 1994, they try a different tack...they send back information to be used in pain hypnosis to effect a heart attack should you commit a certain action.....as the information used is from the future would the programming still work? If it was sent back to 1994 and put in on that date would it then work or would events construe to stop it working or being carried out by you? If time killings don't work...what does that tell us about the nature of reality as regards to free will over fate? Why would it differ from the non effect of a physical attempt? If it is impossible to kill you in 1994 does that mean that everybody has a specific day to die and it can't be changed? If you can send back information through time to be utilised in the past then why can you not commit a physical murder backward?
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