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Homework Help: Another physics questions

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    A copper vessel of mass 0.1 kg contains 0.2 kg
    of water at 25°C. A lump of copper which had
    stayed in a furnace for some time is transferred
    quickly from the furnace into the water. The
    temperature of water rises to 45°C finally. The
    massof the copper lump is 0.1 kg and its specific
    heatcapacity is 400 J kg-1°C-I.
    (a) Find the energy gained by the water.
    (b) Findthe energy gained by the copper vessel.
    (c) Find the energy lost by the copper lump.
    (d) What do you assume when you obtain the
    answer in (c)?
    (e) Estimatethe temperature of the furnace.
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    And what have you tried?

    Remember, heat gained by something = heat lost by something else.

    Table of specific heats,

    In the end, the water, the copper vessel, and the copper lump all are at the same temperature.
    Find the amount of energy it took to heat the water and copper vessel up to the final temperature, this is the amount of heat energy the copper lump lost, you can then figure out the original temperature of the copper lump.
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    energy gained by the water + energy gained by the copper vessel =energy lost by the copper lump
    and E=mc△t , which m=mass, c= specific heat capacity , △t=change in temperature , E=energy
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