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News Another point of view on elections

  1. Oct 18, 2004 #1
    I see the event the point of view of a foreing country. In Spain the journalists are against Bush. But I have to say that the journalism is rubbish, at least the kind of journalism which invades the spanish journals. The manipulation is obvious, and also is obvious that the information which cames here from USA is also manipulated.

    News keep saying that Bush is ahead and I don't understand this, because all mass media is against Bush and I can't see why they would want him to win the elections.

    I read you and I understand the real situation, in Spain the actual government began an anti american movement (god knows why or for what) since the 2nd gulf war and they used that war to beat the former government which supported its allies. People here thinks that you (american people) are who began the war and supported it, but I know that it is obviously false. I don't support the actual government here, in other reasons because they use the antiamericanism to be cool (stupids, yes), and we need to be hand by hand with USA.

    They criticed that the former prime minister was the dog of Bush because he supported its war on terrorism. And after the Madrid train bombings at March 11th, the media and the opposition began to say that the terrorist attacks were as a response of our presence on Irak (this was false, as later was proved). When the new government took the power, they retired our troops giving the world a very poor idea of us, as cowards when we had to be there.

    So today, the Bush administration is taked by people as an image of you, and this is not a very good image, I have to say.

    Here in Spain we know very well the word "terrorism". We have ETA, a terrorist (not separatist as CNN says) group which kills people whose sin was to live and protect the freedom. We lived 9/11 very near, and after 3/11 this year, the fact is....... the fact, the only important thing is, winning Bush or winning Kerry, to keep the world against terrorism and beat them united. Its the worth important thing.

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