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Homework Help: Another Problem-Modern Physics-Please Help

  1. Apr 8, 2007 #1
    Bohr model for power law potential
    (a). Use the Bohr quantization condition for angular momentum,
    L = n¯h, to calculate the quantized energies of allowed orbits of the
    particle. (Your answer should show the dependence on the quantum
    number n).
    (b). What value of k corresponds to the hydrogen atom? Find
    values for V0 and a (or a suitable combination of these constants) which
    give the correct potential for hydrogen.
    (c). Use your result from parts a) and b) to calculate the energy
    levels of the hydrogen atom.
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    show us what u have done so far
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    i used a particle of mass m moves in a central potential by V=Vo(r/a)^k but i couldn't understand value of k's sutitable combinations for Vo. ?
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