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Another puzzle

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    Here is another brain Teaser......

    in 2D not 3D assume crossing lines disrupts the electric feild,

    3 houses need to be hooked up to electrical, telephone and gas. Is it possible to hook every house up to every building without crossing lines?

    I know this is impossible but can anyone prove it, id be interested to see how.

    Yeah some teacher once actually told me that same thing a few years ago in high school and i didnt believe them after trying about 500 times to solve the darn thing.
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    Euler proved a beautiful theorem for polyhedra with the following analogon for graphs (The problem is a graph problem. You have to find a planar graph (i.e. a graph that can be drawn on a flat plane without the lines intersecting).

    If you have a planar graph with n>0 vertices, m lines (branches, edges) and r regions (including the outer region), then: n-m+r=2

    You can use this to prove the problem has no solution.

    I found a site about it:
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