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Another question

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    A'ight thanks man. I think analytical geometry was actually offered as a class at my sister's high school, but I may be wrong since I'm going to a different school than she did.

    I wondered if it was supposed to be "Plane" and not "Plain" on my schedule. Someone made a typo. Continuing onto what you said, linear algebra would mean mostly algebra 1 correct? Haven't taken algebra 2 so I don't know what it's all about. I'm actually posting this in my computer class having just finished our final. I start P&S Geometry Monday.

    Edit: Didn't mean to make a new thread. For some reason when I logged in it got all messed up. These school firewalls and protection software(s) make it hard for any message board to work properly. So just take what I said in reply to my other thread.
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    linear algebra is the study of linear spaces, i.e. vector spaces, where you can add and scale all objects.

    its not something that is usually taught in High School in the US, although a lot of topics that are covered in linear algebra are also taught in High School, like determinants and dot products. these topics are usually covered in precalc in US high schools, if i am not mistaken. Linear algebra itself is an intro level college math course.

    Algebra I in high school usually covers stuff like the quadratic equation (which is not linear), graphing functions, etc.
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    yeah linear algebra and algebra of linear equations are two very different things.
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