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Homework Help: Another radiation

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    filters for Co K radiation are usually made of iron oxide power. If a filter contains 5 mg Fe2O3, what is the transmission factor for the Co K(alpa) line? What is the intensity ratio of Co K(alpha) to Co K(beta) in the filtered beam?

    agh... i have no idea where to start on that question...
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    At the K_a energy how much of the intensity will Fe2O3 absorb? And the same for K_b? Can you figure it out from here?
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    @@a you can't figure out the intensity with that limited amount of information, right?
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    You'll need the mass abs. coeffs. for the relevant energies from the x-ray data booklet or from here http://physics.nist.gov/PhysRefData/XrayMassCoef/cover.html. I don't remember if the booklet has those but the site does for sure. If you assume a cross sectional area A for the beam and require the filter to be of the same A you can solve for it's thickness and the use the good ol' Lambert-Beer law to calculate the transmittance.
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    thank you very much!!! :)
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    can someone show the working out for this. Do we have to draw simultaneous equations ?
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