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Another REU question

  1. Dec 6, 2006 #1
    Is it more important to get into an REU at a "big name" school, or is it better to get into a program that offers YOU the best research esxperience?

    I ask, because I have been involved in research for a couple years and have interned at a few different locations, and know what my research interests are. I recently got told that I pretty much am in if I want to do research with a certain group, and the way I would get paid is through an REU. Basically, I don't have to compete for the position. So would this be better than going to a better school for an REU, although the research might not be directly what I am interested in?
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    Go where you think you'll be most comfortable and where you think you'll be able to do the best work. Grad schools look at your research papers and what you did....they don't care about where you did the research.
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    REU is REU. As long as you have a couple of summers, you'll be fine.
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