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Another riddle

  1. May 20, 2005 #1
    It's better than your favorite food, but poor people are more like to have it than rich people. If they eat it, though, they die. What is it?
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  3. May 20, 2005 #2


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    Broccoli? :rofl:
  4. May 20, 2005 #3
    NOTHING! and some uninteresting filler....
  5. May 20, 2005 #4


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    NOOO I WAS WRONG-Here's the real answer: McDonald's
  6. May 20, 2005 #5
    An empty stomach.
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    i agree with yomamas second answer. as to wether its better than real food, im not sure. after you eat it you feel the urge to hurl.
  8. May 22, 2005 #7
    the super size me ^^
  9. May 22, 2005 #8


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    Are poor people more likely to have it? Or do they like to have it more . I didn't really get what you meant
  10. May 22, 2005 #9
    Nothing is better than your favorite food. Poor people are more likely to have Nothing than rich people, if you eat Nothing you'll die.
  11. May 22, 2005 #10
    Well done Gale17. Sorry I didn't respond to your first correct answer. By the way, I caught your pillowhead pics. No button was ever this cute. I would ask you for a date but I'm old enough to be your grandfather, my wife won't lend me any money, and the game commision insists that I throw 17s back.
  12. May 22, 2005 #11
    ummm hrmm... thanks... really flattering... i think...
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