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Another short story themes

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    In a short story by Kazakov called "The Blue and the Green", the main idea is:
    - guy falls in love with girl when young
    - girl dates guy for a few years and they fall in love
    - they move apart, and eventually girl dates other guy.
    - girl marries other guy and main guy sees them at an airport as they leave moscow forever

    What is the theme called that refers to the awkwardness of young love, or is it just that theme?
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'theme'. If I'm reading it correctly, then there isn't a specific name for it. If it's 'genre' that you're trying to pin down, that 'theme' can be the focus of anything from slapstick to tragedy. (:rofl: :cry: )
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    Um, how does your summary show 'awkwardness in young love' at all? I don't think it does. Isn't it more of a 'don't hold onto young love' kind of thing?
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    "awkwardness of young love"

    I'd call it "puppy angst".
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