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Another Simple Physics Problem

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Volume of a cylinder.......
i dont really get what to plug in there sir.
Mass = rho * volume /g

rho is density and g is acceleration of gravity. If you are forming a ratio of mass per unit length of the same materials, everything cancels except the volumes.

The volume per unit length is simply (pi * d^2)/4 which is the cross sectional area of a cylinder. So the ratios of masses per unit length is the ratio of diameters squared.
what is volume per unit length?
I do not think you are serious about this problem.
I do not think you are a good teacher. I got the answer with the formula of v1/v2=d2/d1
I attempted to get you to figure the formula out because we are not permitted to merely hand out formulas and solutions. Anyone can plug into a formula and get the answer. Figuring out how to derive the formula separates the better students from the pack.

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