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Another simplest pulsejet

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    This is the simplest pulsejet you could make and costs only Rs.110 and has got a good throttling range,which you could see in the video..No need to strain much to start this engine it starts in a single attempt..If anyone need to make this design please reply here..Thanks for watching see you all in the next pulsejet video..

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    This is great! I remember as a kid trying to build a reed pulsejet... Got as far as cutting the reeds by coating spring steel w/ paint and scribing lines / reverse electrolysis machining the metal.

    I'd be interested in seeing dimensions / plans - perhaps I can build one for fun one day!


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    this is valveless so no problem for us,no need to make valves:cool:..here is the design..All dimensions are in cm..Those are standard pipes so readily available in markets..:smile:

    note: place the inlet fuel pipe at a depth of 4.3cm into the intake pipe..The fuel pipe dia is 3mm..

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    this has really got good thrust,tried to show an cloth near it but i was not able to do it,so much of force from the exhaust pipe..one day i will hook it up to a scale and find out the real thrust..

    note: at the end when i tried to show a cardboard the engine got few holes in the welded parts..

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