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Another view of the concept of time.

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    Another view of the concept of "time."

    Dear Friends,

    I am new to these most interesting forums. I am very pleased to have discovered them. Perhaps I can add a subject that might also be of interest?

    Some philosophers, theologians and even some scientists seem to feel that "time" is but a figment of human imagination or some similar fabrication. Others suggest that it is only but a manifistation or similar extension of an existing concept, without any truly solid, independent description of its own.

    I would submit, for your consideration, the contention that "time" is a major factor, if not THE major factor, in our universe. The thesis for this is presented, in some detail (but without the mathematics), for your inspection at: [URL [Broken]

    I haven't given the specific page on that site, in the address noted above, because I also believe you will find the entire site most interesting. However, the page in question is: "The Physical Nature of Time".

    I hope you will enjoy the experience and will return here will various comments and such. I'm sure that such a discussion will be quite interesting.

    Most sincerely,

    Tal D. Noble

    P.S. I will do my best to find my way back here and join with you in any discussions that might follow.
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    I always looked at time most simply as the change of matter, and energy from one step to another... wow enlightening I know
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    Time!.... its the definition that man has given the past,present,and future present to come. Time is no mystery but is the 4th dimension that we don't fully understand with our 20th century physics! -Chad
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    Seems that this thread can only lead to idle specutlation.

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