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Another way to think .

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    Another way to think ................

    Dear reader,
    Now what i am writing suerly would look different from the reason give by physists about black body absorbtion of light.
    Before i begin i would like to make certain things clear.
    1) lets asume when more energy is given, the speed of electrons does not increase. Only they jump to a higher level.
    2) the more further we go from the nucleus, the attractive force between the nucleus and electron get weeker.
    3) the attractive force is completely dependent on the nucleus of an atom.
    4)when light is absorbed by an atom the electrons jump to a higher level and when light is lost by an atom the electrons fall to a lower level.

    now if am wrong any where till now please let me know, dont read the continuation.

    i beleive that light is absorbed by the nucleus of an atom and not by the electrons.

    here are the reasons why i beleive so,
    i feel that the nucleus on absorbtion of photons lose enery which enable the electrons to jump to higher level.
    as mentioned above the nucleus is what determaines the orbits of an atom.

    if i am wrong please let me know.
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    That would suggest that ALL the electrons go up an energy level when the atom is energised. But that, as far as I know, is not supported by experiments.
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