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Anoyance: rates of change

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    I was practising differentiation and came across a some what rather easy question which I could not do. Can any one direct me as usual. (this place is becoming my e-home). Mind you I am enjoying using LaTex converters haha.

    Q. The length L of a rectangle is decreasing at the rate of 3 cm/sec, and the width W is increasing at the rate of 2 cm/sec. Find the rate of change of the area when L = 15 cm and W = 8 cm.

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    dL/dt = -3 and dW/dt = +2. The area A is equal to W * L. Differentiate wrt t and plug in the values you were given.
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    W(t) = W0 + 2t
    L(t) = L0 - 3t

    A(t) = W(t)L(t)
    A'(t) = W(t)L'(t) + W'(t)L(t)
    A'(t) = -3(W0 + 2t) + 2(L0 - 3t)
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