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Ansoft Maxwell 15 Coil simulation

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    I am a student of electrical engineering. I got assigned to a project where I need to simulate a coil in Maxwell 15 and a ball which floats in the magnetic field of the coil. This is for an experiment for demonstrating magnetsim, so my task is to find out what dimensions the coil needs to have and a visualization of the magnetic field it creates.

    After there are nearly no tutorials, I found through the built-in help how to draw certain geometries. So what I have now is a coil and a ball, but the results when I simulate is just an amount of energy (magnetostatic).

    I think for an experienced user this is not a hard thing to do, but I have never used the program before. So my questions are:

    - Is my coil correct? It has a current excitation at the lowest point where the coil begins. The Ball is made of copper (0.5 mm thick ) on another inner ball (0.5 mm thick as well) made of some plastic, the inner rest is hollow (in the end this is a tabletennis covered with some metal).
    - Do I need to apply some force to simulate the force which the coil would apply on the ball?
    - How to get the visualization of the magnetic field?
    - What else do i need?

    A picture of my current state is attached.Thanks in advance for any help

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