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ANSOFT's Maxwell 3d: Grating

  1. Jul 5, 2012 #1

    I am new to Maxwell, but not to other packages like ANSYS Workbench. I am trying to teach myself this software, but can anybody help me with the following:

    1) How to construct proper Periodic boundary conditions, so that only 1 grating period needs to be modeled. I am looking at a simple, binary grating.

    2) From here, how can I ensure that my incident radiation is normal to the surface (fins) of the grating? I am still learning, so I am sorry if this question seems obvious.

    3) Can I pull off field profiles at certain frequencies from a frequency sweep?>

    Any help is appreciated!! THank you! If you could include a quick example (but not necessarily hand me the full solution!!!) I would be very thankful.
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