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Answer checkers

  1. Apr 26, 2004 #1
    Does anyone know how to sign up to check answers for correctness for new textbooks? From the ones I been using they usually ask the graduate students as a task or project of some sort to check their respective professor's texts for errors... And the Giancoli physics text they duffed up again!!! 5th edition the chapter on fluids... My friend and I spent 45mins arguing over a problem concerning a ship in the Caribbeans... P=F/A... we had it all correct and then it didn't come out right... the P was correct the A was correct but wrong F... then I said I go look up the pressure of the caribbeans waters online! Next day we found out that the solution was invalid in the back of the book! Darn back of the book incorrections!!! Lots of errors in Finney and Kennedy's book on calc... They contradicted themselves in the graph chapter that introduced the local max/mins!!! Args... Hindrences!

    Anyone know of where you sign up to check/do these problems for the correct answers for the new books to be published?
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