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Answer me precisely__3

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    I have some question about electronic density propbablity
    1- Is there really picture shown in Lab (( practically)). for probablity density of certain atoms
    2- what is the evidence that shown distrubution of orbitals is true
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    I believe the answer to 2 is Chemistry.
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    For question 1 you may get the information you need by googling "scanning tunnel microscope".Like Nabeshin I think that the main evidence for question 2.comes from chemistry
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    In any case, if I understand your imprecise question correctly then the answer was given in an article in Nature in 2004: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature03183 [Broken]
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    You may need to expand your reason a little bit with explanation.
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    Thanks Dale I have been read the paper And know the answer thanks for all
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