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Answer This If You Can

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    it is said in our book that when matter undergoes changes whether physicaly or chemically, the atoms are merely rearranged. no atom is created nor destroyed. (the law of conservation of mass)

    but isnt it that we are made of atom then if im made up of atom an atom is created when im born. im confused please help me
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    as i said before, atoms arent created, just recycled.
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    As the mother eats atoms of <insert whatever food she eats>, some of the atoms are used to build the developing embryo/fetus, and some go to rebuild the parts of her own body that are losing atoms (such as skin cells that die and get replaced). So atoms are just moved around, not created.
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    Even more simply put:

    you - as a newly-created fetus - were created from existing atoms that were eaten by your mother and converted into proteins and other building blocks.
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    what if i have a big bomb that can blow up earth then how can atom be rearranged or recycled?
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    they would be disperesd from the Kinetic Energy that they recieve from the Explotiopn and disintigration of the planetary body

    and no you cant create and destroy atoms (unles you go into quantum theory or beond the standard model) you can change atoms using fusion and fision, but this dosent happen in birth

    and ic could potentialy happen in the planetary scenario
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    Yes, you would end up with a bunch of iron and nickel atoms floating around in space.
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    Along with the rearrangment of atoms from consumed food of the mother, you are the combined result of DNA from both parents. DNA is obviously made up of purines and pyrimidines. Purines and pyrimidines are of course organic compounds. So you see, your atomic make-up was never "created," just the combined result of already existing atomic mass.
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    You forgot silicon :rofl:
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