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Answer to Ivan

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    Why was the thread about psychics closed? Ivan, are you an administrator here who closes threads to make sure you get the last word?

    I have a few comments about the things you said, but I would have preferred to post them in the thread where the discussion started.

    We're not going to do experiments that we believe have absolutely no chance of success, that's true. But we do at least examine the evidence that the believers are offering us. You on the other hand, are refusing to do just that.

    You didn't get double-talk. You asked for proof, and I told you where you can get it. What more do you need?

    That's just ridicilous. You're making public accusations of fraud, against a man who is already providing evidence of his innocence to anyone who asks! That's more than enough to put the burden of proof on you.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I made no direct accusation of fraud; I am simply being a skeptic.

    I asked for proof of Randi's million dollars and this creates a controversy? Very telling. I have looked for the proof and didn't find any. If and when you have a link that shows undeniable proof of the money then please post it. Until then, I am treating this as any other crackpot claim made without proof.

    The only threads I have ever closed were of exactly the opposite nature. This is a first but I feel it is completely justified. [Edit] I can't think of anything that would be easier to prove; especially in this forum.

    I will close any other threads about this until the undeniable proof of Randi's million dollars is posted. I think our James Randi fans should be held to the same standards as they hold everyone else. Double standards for crackpot claims are not allowed.
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