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Answer to 'What is a Civil Engineer?'

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    Just wanted to share this tidbit since the Civil Eng forum died of loneliness.

    (quote by Patricia Galloway, from her acceptance speech in becoming the 1st woman president of ASCE at the 2003 Civil Engineering Conference and Exposition held in Nashville Tennessee, 11/15/03)

    The "most important people in the world" bit is a little over the top...but the point remains valid. Drinking water treatment alone should be high on everyone's list of things to be thankful for.
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    A well respected cohort whom I work with once said while driving along the highway:

    "Look out the window and everything you see is created by either an engineer or God"

    Made me laugh and it's a pretty bold statement, but really most of the things you see today, at some point an engineer is involved like in cars, buildings, water towers, roads, etc.
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