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Answers or hints?

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    General question, do users here just post hints to questions or an answer with an explanation if required?
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    Depends what section. You should should not post full explanations in the homework sections; the smaller the hint the better. As for the rest, it is whatever you feel like. There is no problem with full explanations in the topical forums.
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    I'm actually the one asking for help here.
    I just wanted to ask where to post if I needed an explanation to a question and not just a hint.
    Thank you.
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    We try to provide appropriate information and explanations. Nevertheless, students are expected to demonstrate effort and show work.
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    If the question is a homework problem -- or even a textbook problem for self-study -- then it should (1) be posted in https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=152", not anywhere else, and (2) warrants getting hints.

    For full explanations to homework problems, there is nowhere on this forum to post the question. If it's not a homework or textbook-style problem, then people may give more of a full explanation. But some people might still just give hints in an effort to get you to think -- it all depends on the actual question and who chooses to answer.
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    Just to elucidate further, although the guidelines prohibit users from posting full an complete solutions, there is nothing that prohibits them from giving detailed explanations to specific queries relating to parts of the problem, or giving extended explanations in general settings.

    The intent of the guidelines which prohibit the posting of full solutions was to prevent cheating and to ensure that our members do not do students' homework for them. I think there would be some leeway granted if you were seeking deeper understanding of a concept, rather than simply the solution. However, this would not extend to allowing to posting of complete solutions, as Redbelly says.
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    A notable exception occurs when someone needs help with a specific physical problem in his/her life, such as a building manager with an HVAC malfunction or a racer who can't figure out why s/he keeps burning pistons. In situations like that, we go balls-to-the-wall brainstorming about it. If there's any sort of safety concern, we always urge the asker to call in a professional to deal with it in person. Otherwise, we love to flush out gremlins and smack them with peculiar objects as they emerge. :biggrin:

    By the bye, I have a question of my own. How the hell is your name pronounced?
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    I mostly have issues with self study problems. Guess I'll be using the homework section a lot. Thank you all.

    The username is just a random smash of the keyboard. Although my real name is also pretty hard to pronounce. Comes with the tan :cool:
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