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Ansys 13 Contact problem

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    In short I have only been using ansys for a week and a half now so some could call me a noob.

    Basically, I am doing some FEA on some wrist implants to see how the stress' distribute across the assembly and have to use contacts to connect the model parts together, two being a proximal and distal part to the wrist implant and the last being a wood block to hold the whole thing in place. Wood is used as it has similar properties to bone.

    I want to apply a 2kN load to the top of the assembly(the Distal part) and rigidly fix the the wood block (the bottom part of the assembly). When ever I run an analysis no matter what I do the results seem to vary significantly and have trouble converging. I am 100% sure it is the contact settings/type will solve this problem.

    Any pointers on what type of contact, separated, bonded, rough or area to areaor surface to surface contacts? any advice is welcome :)

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