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Ansys 14.5 workbench mesh

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    i am new to ANSYS, i designed a wind turbine blade in solidworks, when i try to create mesh it gives me an error. Previously i have made a mesh for a wind turbine blade i used >mapped face mesh then i used sizing and it was done but this blade is a bit different as it has 3 airfoils used in it
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    What is the error message that you recieve?
  5. Apr 8, 2015 #4
    initially it says the geometry has a lot of nurbs
    and after trying to mesh I get 2 error:
    1-The following surfaces cannot be meshed with acceptable quality. Try using a different element size or virtual topology.
    2-A mesh could not be generated using the current meshing options and settings. Hint: The problem geometry areas might have been highlighted. Switching to wireframe mode may make them more visible.
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    This can have several reasons. The most common one is that your geometry has very small lines or faces, or small gaps. If your minimum cell size is larger than the minimum line or face size, then it cannot create a mesh. In wireframe mode, the lines where this is happening are shown in a different color, so you can check where the problem occurs. You can then locally create a finer mesh, create a global smaller minimum cell size, or modify the geometry before meshing.
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    did you mean this?
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    Well, if it is only a single edge or sharp corner, only 1 or 2 lines should be highlighted in green, all other lines in wireframe mode should be black.

    The first you should do is check the minimum cell size that you allow, and compare this to the minimum edge length in the geometry. The minimum edge length is shown in the pinch controls. The minimum cell size should be smaller than the minimum edge length. You can also create pinch controls, then edges and corners where smaller cells are needed will be ignored. If you have much more than 100 pinch controls, I suggest you either use smaller cells or go back to designmodeler and modify your geometry (merge faces, connect edges, round corners, etc).
  9. Apr 25, 2015 #8

    Sorry for the late reply. It would be easier if you could send me the meshing parameters that you provided. Take a snapshot of the meshing parameters you use. May be then I could help you. I have not used Ansys lately. Im working with a different software for unstructered mesh.
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