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Ansys 15 - create moving loads

  1. Jul 1, 2015 #1

    I am trying to simulate a moving load in ansys 15. Could anybody guide me on how I could do it?
    A typical example:
    Calculating stress across a steel Rope ( assume solid circular c/s) between point A to B while a pulley load moves over it between the 2 points with a certain velocity.

    I will be modelling the actual problem in 3D and importing the geometry. My initial thought was to add contact surface between the rope and the Pulley with the mass of the pulley as the load itself and then apply a velocity to the pulley.

    Can I use Transient structural for this?

    please help.
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    Why are you simulating this on ANSYS? Wouldn't simple analytical formulas be sufficient for you?

    How do you plan to provide material properties for the rope? Do you have any reference paper etc?
    Please provide links if any
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    Hello RDK,
    As I mentioned, That was an example scenario. I need to know if you can simulate moving loads on a structure.
    as for the Material properties, yes, It will be available.

    The actual problem involves a bit more complicated structure (CompleX cross section, sharp edges on the rope, and Damping) . I simplified it to a pulley-rope simulation just to get me pointed in the direction or a module that will work for me.

    Is there a way to do the simulation in ansys? to make it easier, The pulley need not roll.... just simulate it assuming its a sliding motion.

    The one method I currently have in mind is to apply loads at different points under different time intervals but that would culminate in a large data analysis.
    Nevertheless, I am looking for an easier way to go about it.
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