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ANSYS Contact Problem - Gap

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    I'm an intern currently and doing some analytic project in a company. So i am required to determine the gap between 2 contact surface (2 O-rings). I've obtain some result by using "node to node" contact with some commands and also probe "gap". There's some difference between the results and the supervisor want me to find out why is there difference between the gap value. Is there anyway i can find it out? Anyone here know the reason behind the calculations/analysis behind ansys. And is it possible to determine the gap by the deformations of the 2 O-rings. Thanks.
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    What is the configuration of the O rings and other components ?
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    the O rings were frictionless to each other and there are pressure acting on them so that both O-rings will press against each other... the end effect is to determine that the leakage through them with Gap and find out which is the better analysis
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    it look this way...

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