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Ansys electrostatic Combdrive

  1. Jan 20, 2010 #1

    I am new in this forum and want to get some help from expert of Ansys.

    i want to design a electrostatic Combdrive and i am using Ansys APDL. I build the model and when goes for simulation, i am getting so much problem. please see below wherther someone can help me.

    1. I saw in a paper that voltage should be applied on contact electrode. How to define contact electrode on the model?

    As i don't know, i just used the front area of the element to apply my voltages and the back area for applying fixed displacement (ANCHOR POINT). Is it ok?

    2. I used element type Coupled Field Solid 227. But when i want to mesh the volume using more than 10 combs, then it gives the error (no of nodes exceeded 32,000 that this version of ansys 12.0 supports. contact your system administrator) and hanged and then exit ansys.

    3. Then i reduced the no of comb to 10 and mesh the volume and apply the load. i used degree of freedom electroelastic (Ux,Uy,Uz, volt)and provide materila properties (Ex-160e9,PRXY-0.28 and PERX 1) and then solve it. But i am not getting any type of displacement even for a large voltage like 500 volt.

    Does anyone have idea where is my problem and what should i try? if someone has some tutorial or sample designed electrostatic, can you please provide me the link?

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