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ANSYS Fluent error reading .cas file

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    This is my first time using ansys Fluent, and I am trying to follow this tutorial for modeling a heat exchanger under various conditions. I have been provided with a "Case 1 Mesh" file of the extension type .cas which is to be used in our simulation involving several or one heating element(s) within a channel of running water. When I open ansys and try to read the file I receive the following error:

    Error: Invalid section id: %*¥
    Error Object: #f

    Error: Error reading "\XXXXXX\XXX\XXX\1squareheater.cas".
    Error Object: #f

    The tutorial simply states that a "window should appear" and the corresponding image shows the fluent window after the mesh has already been displayed. I feel that I'm probably doing something wrong here. Any help from the more ansys experienced would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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