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Ansys force reaction problem

  1. Jul 11, 2011 #1
    i am working on a hoop and its 550mm diameter, 7mm thickness. I appled 1mm displacement from its upper face which is normal to its direction.Stress is 730Mpa which is normal but the total reaction force is 0.0004N which is too low. where do i make the mistake.Material is structural steel.
    problem is shown here.
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  3. Jul 30, 2011 #2
    it's weird there is no reply to my post.Maybe ıts because ı am not a native speaker and couldnt tell my problem.But at last I understand the problem. Total force approximates zero since its a hoop and total force should be zero.Each force vector has its negative at another node. when you plot the results at the quarter of the face and multiply it four times you get the true results.
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