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ANSYS Maxwell 13 ciol problem

  1. Sep 22, 2012 #1
    Hi everybody,

    I would like to compare inductance (self and mutual) calculations using FEMM and Maxwell 13, both 2D problems. In FEMM this is very simple and I just use an axissimetric solution, enter the desired frequency, currents and get the results.

    When using Maxwell, however, this seems to be much more complicated. Please I appreciate your help on simulating this problem:

    Two coaxial copper coils, frequency 15 kHz. Coil 1 has 16 turns, radius 56.5 mm and I represent the winding as a 1 mm radius circle in Maxwell, current i1 = 28 A. Coil 2 has 12 turns, radius 73.98 mm and I represent the winding as a 1 mm radius circle in Maxwell, current i2 = 0 A (open circuit). Distance between coils is 42.9 mm.
    Currents are sinusoidal.

    FEMM results are: L1 = 78 uH and L2 = 66 uH.

    I tried to use Maxwell in transient mode (but could not find where to define frequency). Moreover, transient solution does no provide "Matrix" as output parameter...

    Please, how can I simulate this geometry with Maxwell ?
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    Re: ANSYS Maxwell 13 coil problem

    I just realized that multiplying the inductance given in Maxwell 13 by N2 the result is the desired inductance... Is it possible to obtain the result directly ? I mean, isn't it possible to enter number of turns in Maxwell ? This is a simple axisymetric problem.

    Also, how can I get induced voltage in Maxwell 13 ?
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