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Homework Help: ANSYS static structural help!

  1. Jun 22, 2013 #1
    Static structural simulation with rigidity and strength criterias

    I have a 10 mm imbus key which is constrained on the shorter end, while there's a force on the longer end simulating ccw rotation (i.e. "unscrewing"). I have no problem setting the force and simulating deformation and stress. But I have to turn the simulation so that I set the position of the force and simulate the magnitude of the force, so that the deformation of the far end is max 1 mm and the maximum stress is 1.25 times lower than max strength of material. The simulation has to converge to the 4th decimal.

    If anyone knows how to do that or can redirect me to a tutorial, I'd me grateful. I tried the youtube tutorials, but they keep showing me simulations with known loads, what I already know. Thank you!
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