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Ansys tutorial

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    Help needed to find proper ansys tutorial
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    In what particular area? Stress analysis? Fluid Dynamics? Heat Transfer?

    A yahoo search that took all of about .5 sec resulted in the following:

    http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ansys/ [Broken]
    http://www.aa.washington.edu/courses/aa430/gradystutorials/toc.html [Broken]
    http://www.ansys.com/services/ss-self-service.asp [Broken]
    http://www.me.cmu.edu/academics/courses/webtutor.htm [Broken]

    Search engines are a wonderful thing.
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    heat transfer

    help needed to use ansys for heat transfer
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    ANSYS Theory Manual Online

    This might be useful to nonusers of ANSYS as well as users.

    http://www1.ansys.com/customer/content/documentation/90/ansys/a_thry90.pdf [Broken]

    2. Structures
    2.1. Structural Fundamentals
    2.2. Derivation of Structural Matrices
    2.3. Structural Strain and Stress Evaluations
    2.4. Combined Stresses and Strains
    3. Structures with Geometric Nonlinearities
    3.1. Large Strain
    3.2. Large Rotation
    3.3. Stress Stiffening
    3.4. Spin Softening
    3.5. General Element Formulations
    3.6. Constraints and Lagrange Multiplier Method
    4. Structures with Material Nonlinearities
    4.1. Rate-Independent Plasticity
    4.2. Rate-Dependent Plasticity
    4.3. Gasket Material
    4.4. Nonlinear Elasticity
    4.5. Shape Memory Alloy Material Model
    4.6. Hyperelasticity
    4.7. Viscoelasticity
    4.8. Concrete
    4.9. Swelling

    6. Heat Flow
    6.1. Heat Flow Fundamentals
    6.2. Derivation of Heat Flow Matrices
    6.3. Heat Flow Evaluations
    6.4. Radiation Matrix Method
    6.5. Radiosity Solution Method

    And much more
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    anything about fluid dynamics?
  7. Feb 22, 2011 #6
    help needed for modeling cracks in ansys


    I am doing my m.tech project on fracture mechanics..

    I have to model orthotropic plate containing holes frm which 2cracks are emanating radially frm each hole.

    my problem is i have to apply out of plane loading like bending moment and torsion.

    So can any pls suggest for following problems

    1.which element is suitable for above problem..?
    2.how to model multiple cracks in ANSYS..?
    3.How to apply moments over a plate..?
    4.how to model orthotropic plate...?

    thanks in advance...
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