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ANSYS -- use of Excel

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    Hello all,
    I am a new user to Ansys. I am currently using it for fracture mechanics analysis to calculate the stress intensity factor(SIF). I am supposed to calculate the SIF for different force applied to my model. The forces are on an excel sheet. Is there some way I could link this excel sheet to my analysis so that it can give me the SIF for each force? I am currently doing it manually i.e. changing the value of force each time and solving the model.
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    Ok...so the thing is if you are new to ansys, just like vb or excel macro recording, Ansys also records everything you do using a GUI. So just apply the forces manually a couple of times first. Solve the model the number of times you applied the forces and get the results. Follow the process you usually follow. Then just go to File option in Ansys GUI and list log file. Whatever you've done will be recorded and shown in this file. The next thing is whenever you don't understand any command that's listed in the Ansys log file, just Google it.
    Now coming to your specific problem, you can put a *do loop for changing the force every time. Just create an array for the forces you have,say F(10,1) in Ansys using a * Dim command. Save the excel force file as a text file (or any other format that Ansys might support to read) then read it in array you created. That would store all the forces in the array.
    Next when you put a do loop, each time the loop will execute, it will just take the value of force corresponding to this array parameter for do loop (i, corresponding to force F(i,1)), (and using the log files and commands you can see each time what has changed and how it has been solved) and solve the problem each time automatically without you worrying about the number of forces you've to solve for.

    PS: You can also create an account on Xansys forum, Eng tips etc. Those might come in handy for the future!
    Hope this helps.
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    Thankyou koolraj for the reply. its much appreciated.
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