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Ansys workbench 12 problem

  1. Nov 4, 2011 #1
    there is an assembly of parts which i want to do static analyse on. i make the parts in cataia and import them as ''igs'' into workbench.problem 1: there are near 7 parts in my assembly which when gets into ansys , ansys doesnt recognize some of them and doesnt show them but it recognize the other parts as solids1,2,3... what can i do if i want the whole assembly in ansys ?
    problem 2: instead of importing the whole , after importing some of the parts i tried to make the other parts by its geometry feature but after making the part and pressing generate ansys automatically turns the whole assembly as one parts , i mean it doesnt know the contact sufaces anymore , it automatically merge the whole contact surfaces together . what can i do?> this are the assembly pls take a lokk untitled.jpg
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  3. Mar 29, 2013 #2
    check your Geometry importing option in workbench, make sure that u r checked correct importing option. me too had the same problem, sometime it shows more surface in the assembly.
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    IGS format is always a 50/50 gamble. In order to do this correctly you need a CAD Interface License for Catia.
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    In looking at the model, I am assuming that it has no internal parts and therefore, could have been done as a simple beam and shell model in ANSYS Traditional and you would have no problems with geometry since you could have created it all in ANSYS.
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