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ANSYS Workbench v.16 to v.15

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to open my model from v.16 into v.15 with no success.

    I have dragged a mesh/Finite element modeler from my original model and Write solver model in an Ansys Mechanical APDL file and got to save my model as an inp.

    When reopening a FEM in ansys 15 and importing this (Inp. as ABAQUS?) I cannot see my elements nor nodes.

    I have checked my inp. file and all data are in.

    I tried to rename it as cdb. however this only showed the nodes with no elements or anything else.

    How can I open my model from v.16 to v.15??

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
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    Ansys files are not backward compatible. You cannot save something in version 16 and expect it to be handled by a previous version. They change stuff all the time, they add new models and functionality and this has to be saved in the files. Previous versions will just not be able to read it.
    When you load a v15 case in v16 and save it, you cannot go back to v15.

    Sometimes, even exporting the mesh data to some format that is not from Ansys doesn't work, presumably because a new Ansys version supports some features that were not supported by the old Ansys.

    Your best option is to recreate the mesh in v15, or try some of the other file formats supported by both v16 and v15 to export the geometry and/or the mesh.
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