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Antarctica Assignment

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    Hey there,

    I have to do a grade 8 assignment on Antarctica, and prove that this quote is correct:

    While Antarctica is a difficult place for plants and animals to adapt, there are special flora and fauna found there.

    I have to also research cold deserts and the adaptation of at least one cold desert plant or animal.

    I was just wondering if someone could give me some tips for my assignment, if anyone could help that'd be greatly appreciated.

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    G'day ShadowChaotic (and Astonuc too)

    On this one I would recommend using a web search engine using key words like "cold desert", flora, fauna
    Here is a site listing a collection of search engines.
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    ok thanks guys, I have already tried several search engine searches and received a decent amount of info but I just need a little bit more which that wikipedia link is helping out with :) thanks again :smile:
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