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Antenna = Amplitude

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    What affects the size of the amplitude of a wave sent by an antenna?
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    The amplitude of the signal fed to it.

    - Warren
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    And the efficiency of the antenna.
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    The impedence matching between the source and the antenna(kind of inclusive with the above two). The length of the antenna vs the frequency of the signal sent to it.
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    You're saying that the frequency has to do with the amplitude? Whats the formula anywayz?
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    Yes I am. Antennas have to be 1/2 of the signal wavelenght for optimum transmission (1/4 waves use ground for the other 1/4 of the antenna length) http://www.electronics-tutorials.com/antennas/antenna-basics.htm

    So, if your antenna is not the correct length then part of the energy put into the antenna will be lost. http://www.ycars.org/EFRA/Module%20C/AntVert.htm [Broken]
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    To Mtanti
    It is useful to think of the equivalent circuit of the antenna as a series circuit it comprises 4 parts L C R1 R2 , R1 is the radiation resistance , R2 is the loss resistance L and C are the inductive and capacitive elements .
    Ideally L and C tune out if the signal frequency matches the antenna type and configuration . The part of the signal important is that across R1 typically a few 10's of Ohms , usually r2 is not too high and in many cases can be ignored , but the tuning
    is important since typical antennas like a dipole are quite high Q meaning that the L impedance is higher than R1 and this must by cancelled by the C impedance .
    In cases where it matters the antenna impedance will be measured and any tuning
    done ( sometimes by an externally added C component or matching circuit ) .
    Antennas do NOT have to be tuned alone -- small antennas as used in portable equipment (pagers ) cannot self tune -- so they are tuned by other components -- they can still be efficient . in Antenna design suitable software is often used which
    indicate impedances losses and directional information .
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