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Antenna array

  1. Dec 3, 2003 #1
    Just wondering if any one happens to have an electromagnetic diagram of how a four antenna array would look. Provided that all four antennas’ form a square and edges are one wavelength in distance?
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    What is an "electromagnetic diagram?" What kind of antennas? Dipoles? Why would you want to make a square out of them?

    - Warren
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    sorry I kind of made up the term "electromagnetic diagram", I just wanted to see how the electromagnetic waves interact with each other(being from the 4 different antennas).

    "What kind of antennas? Dipoles?"
    The homework problem does not make mention of this

    "Why would you want to make a square out of them?"
    The question is asking in what horizontal direction will the combined radiation be the strongest at great distance away.

    Unfortunately my book does not go into dept about antennas, it is in a chapter regarding physical optics.
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    Thinking about it this morning, I'm guessing the direction where the strongest combined radiation will be diagonally from the corners. I'm figuring this because you would have 3 antennas contributing in constructive interference?
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    are you refering to a diagram of the antenna array's directivity?
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