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Homework Help: Antenna array

  1. May 15, 2005 #1
    Antenna array consists of two infinite plane parallel sheets in the xy plane spaced half a wavelength apart and having current densities. Wave is propagating in vacuum.

    [tex]J_{s1} = J_{so}cos(\omega t) \vec{i} [/tex] z = 0

    [tex]J_{s2} = J_{so}sin(\omega t) \vec{i} [/tex] [tex]z = \frac{\lambda}{2}[/tex]
    The time average of the Poynting vector is required to e 500 W/m^2 to the right of second antenna ([tex]z > \frac{\lambda}{2}[/tex] )
    I have to find surface current Jso is needed?
    I think that I have to find total E = E1 + E2 and then H. Poynting vector is given but I don't know how to surface current Jso from that. Any suggestions. Thanks
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    Any help please
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