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Antenna's question

  1. Jul 5, 2015 #1
    To avoid derailing this thread, I will post a new one. Here's the discussion context.


    Consider this case:
    Battery operated amplifier (isolated from mains)
    Person, which is isolated from mains (not touching anything except the amplifier input,)

    when the person touches the amplifier input, it will buzz at 50Hz (tested myself), I though it was because the home wires acting like a emitter antenna, the person as a receiver antenna, and the finger touching it like a cable, but the highlighted Sophiecentaur's comment confused me. Is this phenomenon caused by a different mechanism? Is it because the person organs, skin, blood vessels, etc sum up to enormous lengths (I read up to 60000 miles) and making an antenna? Is capacitive/inductive coupling possible in these circumstances?

    Thank you :)
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    The human body is not a very good antenna at 50Hz. It's due to capacitance between the mains wiring and the body.
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    Thank you, that's what I suspected: wires and person are plates and the space between form the capacitor
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